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Erotic stud TOM CHASE

Chasing daddy
A nice gay boy raised in Highland Park became an adult superstar.
Weary of porn fame, Tom Chase returned to Dallas.
Now beefier and older, the erotic stud reignites career

By Daniel A. Kusner

In the mid-’90s, Tom Chase started working with Falcon Studios. Handsome, butch and possessing a Texas-sized endowment, Chase was an instant box-cover star. He also has the honor of being Falcon’s first “lifetime exclusive.”

Of the 14 or so Falcon titles Chase worked on, one particular scene is legendary: when he bottomed for brawny adonis Mike Branson in the 1997 video “California Kings.” Aside from Chase being cast in the passive role for the first time, the co-stars practically drip with chemistry. Their scene together is an incredibly hot depiction of two hunks enjoying each other’s company.

But porn fame is fleeting. And several years ago, after receiving a lifetime achievement award, Chase officially retired.

However, a few months ago, new images of Chase emerged — looking more muscular, more mature and still mega-hot.

The 41-year-old retiree got a second wind with Colt Studios. His first Colt film, “Waterbucks 2,” is slated for a release next year along with “Naked Muscles” where Chase pairs up with buff stud Carlo Massi.

As the news hit that Chase was returning to erotica, several blogs indicated that the legend had been living in Dallas during his years-long sabbatical.
Which was true — and still is.

We recently caught up with Chase to discuss the pros and cons of being a porn daddy, and what he likes about the men in Big D.

What brought you to Dallas? I was raised here — grew up in Highland Park.

In the fall of 2004, I left California and moved to Granbury to help my parents around the house. They’re retired, and I was at a crossroads in my life, so it seemed like a good choice — coming home and getting grounded again. Now I live in Dallas.

What was your Highland Park childhood like? I was a sporty nerd. As a boy, I played soccer. Throughout high school, I competed in gymnastics.
Because I was gay, I wasn’t popular. But I was respected because I was an athlete.

Can you remember the first time you saw a gay-porn video? Sure — Falcon Studios’ “Cruisin’: Men on the Make,” which starred the legendary Joe Cade. I was 15, and I remember being incredibly attracted to him. The masculine image that Cade projected as a bottom was a real turn-on. I enjoyed countless orgasms over that scene.

After I moved to Los Angeles, I met him, and we fell in love. Two years later, we had a commitment ceremony, which my mother and sisters attended. Unfortunately, we separated a year later, but we remain good friends.

Why did you take break from the biz? When I became fully aware of the scope of fame that came with being Tom Chase, I decided it was too dangerous to continue “feeding the monster.” I needed to separate myself from it and regain focus on me. By doing so, I’m now able to embrace all that I represent to people. At first, however, it was too overwhelming for me to handle.

Can you remember your very first erotica gig? That was “Backwoods” by Falcon Studios. We all carpooled up to this remote area outside Russian River. At first, I was nervous, because I knew no one. Then I got scared, because the further away we got from any town, the more I worried that I was going to be gang raped. All kinds of stuff went through my mind. In reality, the crew and other models treated me like gold.

There’s a scene from the Tom Chase oeuvre that catapults to the top of the list — with Mike Branson from “California Kings.” Was that an especially poignant moment or just another day on the job? It was not just another day on the job. When I started with Falcon, I made the very unpopular suggestion that I should bottom.

I hadn’t met any models who could balance me out — until Mike Branson walked on the set of “The Freshman.” I knew then it had to be him. I also knew the impact it would have, which is exactly why I insisted on doing it.

Were you always a natural in the erotica biz? I wouldn’t say I’m a natural. I’m really the Wally Cleaver of porn. What was natural about me was the sex I had in front of the camera. I basically just imitated the sex I was having in real life with each movie.

If you watch my movies in chronological order, you will see me becoming quieter with more eye contact as the years go by.

Does size matter? Yes and no. Of course it matters in our fantasies. But in our reality, I sure hope not.

Sexiest trait about a guy: Masculinity — the ability to be appropriately vulnerable and open, sexually and otherwise, among other men.
When people first meet you in person, are there any general misconceptions that emerge? Yes. I am not 6’2” — I’m 5’9”. The disappointment on their face is obvious before they catch it. Their reactions have given me many years of laughter.

Assemble your ideal man — Frankenstein-style: Jake Tanners’ face and body; Jake Gyllenhaal’s personality; Anderson Cooper’s adventurous style; and the intelligence of Stephen Hawking.

Finish this sentence: The best thing about being an erotic stud is … Knowing you have an impact on people’s most basic desires.

The worst thing is … That most people see you as a walking cock. Some have actually talked to mine when having conversations with me.

What was it like when family members discovered you had an adult-video career? They were informed before I made my first movie. My siblings supported me. My parents remain mum.

Name three places in Dallas that you like to frequent: The Club, because I like to lay out nude, and the staff is exceptionally professional. Marco’s and Vito’s, because I love their food. And Leather Masters, because I love their selection of leather: The smell of the store is a major aphrodisiac for me.

Can you characterize Dallas men? The ones I have met are truly kind and well mannered — very rare nowadays.

Name three Web sites you check regularly:, and my bank’s Web site.

How do you think erotica has bolstered the GLBT community? That’s easy. The industry has been fighting for our freedom of expression since the mid ’70s. That fight has come in the form of lawsuits in several states. It also made our sexuality more available to the general population. You can’t walk into any adult bookstore without confronting it head on.


Unknown said...

thanks for the article on how to become a famous prostitute.

Unknown said...

thanks for the article on how to become a famous prostitute.

Charles Factor said...

Sir Tom Chase, I pray that you will meet our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ at one point in your life, and entrust your life to Him.

He loves you dearly. May God bless you with so much grace.


Abe :) said...

So many judgmental haters.

Live your life Tom :-)